An Interview with President, Joanne Polin

When and why was Polin founded?
Polin was formed in June of 2007.  I have always been entrepreneurial in spirit and it has been a long term goal to lead my own agency.  It was important to me to spend a majority of my career working for Fortune 500 companies to gain the expertise and know-how prior to founding my agency.

What is the general philosophy of the agency?
We are strong believers in serving the client’s needs 100 percent by offering innovative programs, solutions and cutting edge thinking.  It is important for us to understand our clients’ businesses and create initiatives that get them from Point A to Point B and beyond.  We understand this is a 24/7 commitment and we embrace it!

What differentiates it from the competition?
As a boutique agency, we pride ourselves in hiring seasoned and experienced professionals  with expertise in a variety of disciplines such as Social Media, Corporate Communications and Event Planning.  None of the team has worked in an agency atmosphere prior to Polin.  Rather each have hired and managed agencies on a day to day basis.  No work is turned over to inexperienced temporary staff.  The Polin team handles all aspects of each account.

What qualities do you look for in a Polin team member?
I look for professionals who understand the accountability associated with work and a drive for always improving and learning.  I look for people, who like me, love their work but also know how to have fun.  Like me, they enjoy getting up each morning to a productive yet challenging day.